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In my first book NOT FOR SALE ~ CAN’T BE BOUGHT, I explain how you can keep yourself healthy, happy and free to create your own beautiful and abundant life by simply not selling out on yourself. 

I use my personal story so far to give practical examples of:
  • what not for sale means?
  • the many ways we sell out,
  • how we do it?
  • how we have been conditioned and encouraged even to do it?
  • which is also why we do it without even realising it
  • and more importantly how to stop it? 
NOT FOR SALE ~ CAN’T BE BOUGHT was published on International Women’s day 2020, just a few days before the pandemic’s start.

Being a woman, I said every woman’s story but the sharing in this book is real and beneficial to every one, men and women, no one has to sell out.

You will get a PDF (483KB) file