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Stalking Magic: Guarded by the Shifter Book 3

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He's too much trouble.
When Vi picks Leland Rowe up after he's spent a night in a jail cell, she knows he's trouble. He's the last man she wants as a bodyguard. But her coven leader insists. Their coven needs protection and Rowe is the man for the job. One thing's certain, she won't fall for the infuriating shifter. He's riding the edge of danger and dancing with a death wish. He can't be her mate.

She's a brazen witch.
Rowe's wolf stands at attention the second he sees Vi, and that's not the only thing standing. She makes him feel things he's never felt before, and though she riles him up, he wants to leave his mark on her. Forever. He's seen two of his packmates meet their mates. Is it his turn?

He'll never have a chance to find out if he can't keep her safe from a rival coven. Rowe is no match against magic, but he'll find a way to do the job. No matter the cost. He's finally found someone worth living for, but he'll have to risk it all to keep her.
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