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On the Prowl: Guarded by the Shifter 2 Audiobook

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Narrated by Maxx Pinkins
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Sparks fly when an ex-military werewolf shows up to protect his rock star mate.

When a strange monster threatens Em's rock tour she needs help. But when her sister sends dark and mysterious Andre to protect her, Em is sure she'd be better off on her own.

He's too attractive for his own good, but just because her body wants him doesn't mean she'll let him have her heart.

As the ghostly monster escalates the attacks, Em can't keep going without Andre's help. But the beast may be too powerful even for a werewolf. How can Andre fight a monster that disappears out of thin air?

Even more difficult is convincing a stubborn rock star that he's her fated mate. Andre will need to figure it out before malicious magic tears them apart.

Step into the world of Guarded by the Shifter where a team of ex-military bodyguards are also werewolves and fated mates are just one job away.
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