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Mated to the Alien Volume Three

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Narrated by Maxx Pinkins
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Featuring two more tales of doomed Detyens and fated mates!

Unmated Detyens die at thirty, so why is Kayleb NaMoren still alive?
He came to Earth to find his mate, but on the eve of Kayleb’s birthday, he knows that time is up. Heartfelt goodbyes and one final night with his brother are all he has left… until he wakes up the next morning, alive and unmated. Or so he thinks.
An injury on his journey to Earth has left him with gaps in his memory, but he couldn’t ever forget his denya. Could he?

Shayn NaZade is looking for answers…
A Detyen father and Oscavian mother have left Shayn wondering whether he and his brothers will be forced to pay the Denya Price. Unmated Detyens die on their thirtieth birthdays, but will that hold true for someone with Oscavian blood? His question brings him to Oscavia where he finds his mate… and a whole lot of trouble.
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