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The Iron Edge

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Spartan warrior, Halcyon, has always placed duty above all else – until one day her true nature as an Omega undoes everything.

Thora is a gorgeous female Alpha slave with foreign features, capturing the attention of Halcyon, who must have her. Like all Alphas, Thora is prideful and thinks an Omega owner will be manageable. She soon discovers that Halcyon is far more than a simple Omega, but rather a warrior, a legend, and the perfect mate to Thora’s Alpha.

For Halcyon, she has dedicated her life towards duty for Sparta, for the military, and for her mate. She has always dreamt of dying in battle with glory and honor for Sparta. That is until her Omega is stirred to life by Thora, triggering Halcyon’s first heat in over a decade. Unable to deny each other, their intense mating brings both life and changes, but at a price. Can Halcyon have both duty and love or will she be forced to choose only one?

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Verified Buyer

5 months ago

Enjoyed it!

I enjoyed this. I loved the setting, and the imagery. I found the main character fascinating because each time I was certain I really didn't like her, there'd be a display of vulnerability or kindness and I'd change my mind.

Ange E.

Verified Buyer

5 months ago

Omegaverse obsession continues

I absolutely adored this story.
With zero spoilers, this is a clever and lose(ish) retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae. Think The 300, but set over a brutal few months. Except it's better, because it's deliciously queer. And then put that in the blender and make it a sexy and tension filled Omegaverse love story. Believe me, you need this broody, devoted Alpha.
Buy it, download it and read it immediately.


9 months ago

The Slave and Her Mistress

This is one of my favorite Lexa Luthor books and these days it's getting hard to rank her books at I better skip it.
This Alpha/Omega love story takes place in ancient Greece during the great times of Sparta and the great war with Xerxes and Persia.
Exceptional times and exceptionally strong people.
Halcyon is part of this.
She's an exception in the Army of Leonidas, but she's earned her position as a king's guard with the infamous title.
She is mistress of her own mansion, which is also a rather unusual occurrence for someone who already has a mate.
Slaves are a normal condition, but a slave with light blonde hair and sky blue eyes in the form of an Alpha can tease any Omega.
It's engaging, although the combat doesn't take place on the battlefield, or not only.
It is a great inner struggle between mistress and slave. There are worlds that need to be bridged and that is once again masterfully written and wonderfully exciting until the end, whether they can even make it with all the obstacles.
Of course, it wouldn't be a Lexa Luthor book without the Omegaverse setting. It's incredibly hot. Thora and Halcyon are a perfect Alpha / Omega pairing and it’s absolutely delicious!


9 months ago

I absolutely loved the book!

I was super excited when Lexa announced she was going to revamp her previously published book Thora, but with the omegaverse flare she excels at. I was not disappointed in the least. I couldn’t get enough of Halcyon and Thora story. It had me enthralled from beginning to end. It left my heart warm and happy by the end of the book. I can’t wait for what comes next from Lexa Luthor.