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Freezing Shrub JABP974 (keywords) bare branch; beauty in nature; cold; cold weather; contemplative; energy; eye-catching; freezing; frost; frosted branch; gaia; ice on plant; icy; sculptural plant; seasonal; winter; winter frost; winter; zen

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© Jane Ann Butler Photography

The darkness of winter contrasting snow and frost.

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Snow Capped Cherry Branches JABP957 (keywords) austere; cherry tree; cold; cold weather; cold winter; dramatic; gaia; hardy; resilient; settled snow; snow; snow fal;l snow on shrub; snow on tree; snowy branches; stark; tree in winter; winter

Winter's-Tale--JABP975 (keywords) poetic; austere; bare branch; cold weather; cold; winter; dreamy; freezing; freezing cold; frost; ground frost; hard frost; ice; ice crystals; icy; icy shrub; thought provoking; vulnerable; winter frost; brittle

Frosty Clematis Shoot JABP1814 (keywords) cold; cold weather; cold winter; delicate; freezing; frost; frosted leaves; frosty; clematis shoot; gaia; hard frost; ice crystals; leaf detail; morning frost; new shoot; vulnerable; winter; zen-like

Frozen Foliage JABP1810 (keywords) gaia; frozen leaves; leaf detail; ice crystals; ice; ground frost; cold weather; freeze; leaf on leaf; looking down; winter; decay; freezing; wintery; contemplative; chilly; dramatic; sculptural; icy; twigs

Icy Fig JABP1815 (keywords) winter; gaia; solitary; alone; one; single; cold; frosty fig; ground frost; ice crystals; ice; icy; fig; frosty; conceptual; minimal; pretty; beauty in nature; pure; fragile; emotion; peaceful; vulnerable; sculptural

Christmas Cactus In Bud JABP1816 (keywords) christmas cactus; christmas flower; epiphytic cacti; flourish; still life; growth; harmony; pink flower; bud; buds; potential; winter; schlumbergera bridesii; showy; new life; emerge; positive; emotion

Snow Drenched-Choisya--JABP953 (keywords) choisya; cold; cold weather; cold winter; gaia; lime green leaves; settled snow; snow fall; snow on shrub; winter; hidden; beauty in nature; freezing; deep snow;

Frosty Leaf JABP1812 (keywords) winter; gaia; frozen leaf; curled leaf; crunchy; leaf detail; ice; ice crystals; ground frost; freezing; cold weather; crispy; beauty in nature; vulnerable; peaceful; looking down; earthy; natural form; grass

Pink Pearl Winter Hyacinth JABP370 (keywords) rich; colourful; exquisite; eye-catching; popular; feel good; flourish; fragrant; free flowing; harmony; highly scented; hyacinth; much loved; pink flower; positive; emotion; unity; winter flowering

Icy Choisya JABP977 (keywords) beauty in nature; choisya; cold; cold weather; cold winter; contemplative; delicate; freezing; frosted leaves; frozen; gaia; hard frost; harmony; ice crystals; ice on plant; icy; icy shrub; lime green; vulnerable