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Killing Dragons: Order of the Dolphin Book One EBook

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A smart, science fiction thriller that will have readers looking twice at dolphins – and scanning the waters for something far more menacing. Highly recommended.”
Chanticleer Reviews praise for Killing Dragons
In a world where sea dragons terrorize dolphins, you enter the reef at your own risk.
Marine biologist Eva Paz is on the verge of revolutionizing linguistics by cracking the dolphin communication code. Then police call her away to investigate a dead fisherman. It’s her mother’s boyfriend, but Eva is running out of time to complete her dolphin whistle library by the deadline, putting her grant at risk. Without funding, her dolphins will soon be turned loose in the deadly Caribbean.
A cartel leader makes Eva an offer she can’t refuse. He’ll fund her dolphin research if she’ll help him capture the sea dragon. His aid comes with a catch, and he doesn’t count the cost.
Then geneticist Thomas Sternberg arrives on sabbatical to lead a dive school. He wants to help Eva, but they share a tragic past. While on his watch as a Navy Seal, Eva’s brother was killed, and her dolphin was wounded.
Eva doesn’t trust Thomas, but can she set that aside to work with him to stop the sea dragon and save her dolphins?
For fans of Jaws and Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, Killing Dragons is book one in Kristie Clark’s Order of the Dolphin series.

Killing Dragons may be read as a standalone, but it is best enjoyed with the other Order of the Dolphin series books: Dragon Gold and Dragon Clan. Book club questions included.
Join Eva and her dolphins on their adventures today!
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