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Killing Dragons: Order of the Dolphin Book One EBook


Dragon Gold: Order of the Dolphin Book Two EBook


Dragon Clan: Order of the Dolphin Book Three EBook


Dragon of the Sea: Order of the Dolphin Book Zero EBook


Order of the Dolphin Box Set Volume One EBook


Dragon Song: Order of the Dolphin Book Four EBook


Kristie Clark

Science Fiction Thriller Author

KRISTIE CLARK, a pediatrician, lives on the High Plains with her husband, sons, border collies, and a cat named Bonsai. An avid scuba diver, she holds a Roatán Marine Park Bay Islands Lionfish Spearing License.


Kristie Clark is the author of the Order of the Dolphin sci-fi thriller series which includes: 


Killing Dragons

Dragon Gold

Dragon Clan 


Dragon of the Sea, the historical prologue to the series, earned a Finalist Award for the Chanticleer Short Stories Book Awards in the Chaucer category. 


The author has made Dragon of the Sea available for free to readers who sign up for her newsletter at her website: