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Never let ur golden dreams be trapped in your hazardous fear box!

"Golden scene been shotted by brains,
never let them leave playing trains,
these scenes can also act as your hint points of choosing streams,
the sparkling name given to these scenes are dreams,
dreams can also be your best friends if you allow them to be free,
they can be your godmother and help a small seed grow, cherish and transfer into a successful tree,
but many of her companions do something strange,
rather than making her free they keep them in their fear box by a clean rearrange,"

if we close our eyes and think about the chattering we used to have with our friends when we were a child ,some silly chit chats , the declaration of paper ball fight winner, discussing their and our own dreams chit chat pops in front of our eyes.we all have a fresh image of a view in which we all used to tell our dreams to our family, friends, relations and teachers.At that time we used to create a lively , willing ambience around us for this little chat,but actually at that time we were not aware of this world having countless better competitors than us.Well As A human what did we do after gaining knowledge about the difficulty THAT we have to face in our further route?Many of us stepped back , made our competitors a way to catch our successful laders , gaveup for the fear of failure, ,for the fear of success,for the fear of not BEING able to handle the result, for the fear of heartbreak.In our universe More than half of the population kill their inner souls by snubbing their most precious tools which are dreams,confident,creativity in their fear box.Well let me make it clear snubbing your dreams is much more painful than giving yourself physical know human are the only creatures in this whole universe who can create himself more creative,idealistic,specialised as much he/she wants. Rather than being deprived on 70's lets just GIVE OURSELVES A a little boost of courage ,lets just create the flame inside us of doing something marvellous change into a bright ENOUGH fire,lets just keep all the comments given by this world who cannot judge THEMSELVES aside from our life,lets start DOING hard work and just let all the comments given by relatives,family,friends aside form our head as those comments for me are ones which rather than acting as a booster for our soul let our tiny little- me down, we have to remember that we ourselves are the royal of our own kingdom of life,WE AS BEING A ROYAL WOULD JUDGE OUR OWN LIFE and WE HAVE to handle all these ups and downs with courage as we can not leave our kingdom ALONE, we have to carry this MOMENTOUS last thing with us everywhere which is courage; courage of giving a second chance to ourselves and start with a new boat which is ready to sail in the sea and is waiting for us for createing a different impact by utilizing this brand-new shimmery opportunity!!!!

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