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How to instantly understand another person's makeup

By Guillaume Marais

How to discover yourself and any stranger.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this book is the fact that readers can now, for the first time experience the truth that is exposed, with absolute certainty, discover in plain English how to analyse yourself and whomever you wish to know about.

A hands-on course of 170 pages to learn how to analyse people and to be able to understand them. Human science is truly simplified and as the course progress one will recognise live demonstrations amongst other humans without them knowing or suspecting.

In order to simplify the work, I decided to base the knowledge and training understanding how different people act, different as they are unaware or one cannot control what they do.

To achieve this I created people categories based on body build, bone structure, muscle growth, thin people, fat people and facial structure. Human science has developed to appoint that by categorising one can be 100 percent accurate in describing humans.

Once one worked through the Book they will soon discover that they possess knowledge equal to a mystic power simply by identifying people so accurately. It is not isolated knowledge or highly technical descriptions, no in fact as one progress through the chapters one will identify actual people in all walks of life. I sincerely recommend that whoever owns this book should take at least two to three weeks and study each chapter. 

This knowledge not only train you how to understand people but it also discus which type of work will successfully suit a certain category person based on the type or work category or the category of the employer.

The logic in determining this information is brought about by certain personal questions which will indicate a suitable type of work and what to look out for.

Unmarried people planning to be married can determine if their partner is suitable to his or her makeup and which category person is the correct person to marry. Just imagine the value of only this feature, any young lady can search for a particular category person who matches her makeup and have a happy and rewarding life.

This course will also teach one which vocation applies in which category so that one can find an absolute suitable work in which one will excel. This feature will enable someone to find a good vocation that is a match with his category.

There are definite guidelines for almost every vocation known to man and which category to seek where.A proper analysis of the boss, categorise him, and you will know if you will fit in or not. Just imagine not making a mistake based on guessing and accepting the offer of good money! If it is the wrong category employer you may find your work may be miserable or short lived.

This knowledge enables one to live an almost perfect life, there will be no doubt how to apply this knowledge to your own life and circumstances, making life a little better.   

The principles and rules of this information are based on discoveries in Human Science over decades and no student of this course will ever denounce it.      

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