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Giovanna SAK + SLWC - Go to public places - chapter 04

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Giovanna SAK + SLWC - Go to public places - chapter 04

Giovanna and her public walk.

After the plaster had completely dried, Giovanna was already impatient and wanting to take a walk in the streets.

I decided to go to a famous avenue in the city of São Paulo that has beautiful architecture and colors.

Even with difficulty, she uses a crutch that helps her walk the streets. Crossing a large street, you reach a famous square where I decided to stop for a little rest. After a brief pause, I decided to go back to the car and go for another ride.

This time it goes to a large square with large stairs and a floor that makes walking and going up and down these large stairs quite an adventure.

Upon arriving at the central part of the square I decided to take some good photos, before the rain starts to fall.

After a few photos, he goes to a large staircase and descends with great difficulty, but with patience and some nice rolls, he arrives at the lower part of the street where I decided to return to the car and go back to his house.

15 minute video contains scenes from:

- walking with crutches

- walking swinging

- foot details

- close-ups

- difficulty walking

- going up and down stairs

- public scenes of exhibitionism

- foot pod

You will get a MP4 (1GB) file
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