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The StoryTelling Heart Ebook

Could you change your life by changing your internal story? Hollywood has taught us the secret for years. This book is that secret.Life has secrets.

Counterintuitive secrets that can spur greatness.

I have tried to collect as many secrets as I know and share them with the world.

Do you want to know the greatest secret I have ever encountered?

You are valuable.

Many times we don't see our own value. In this ADHD world of on-demand entertainment and cerebral experiences we often forget to breathe, let alone take the time to think about our personal value. It pains me to think that some people spend so much time enthralled in distractions that they forget to take inventory of self. It's a scary thought to live and die and never know who you are or worse who you were.

Here is another secret, it's not enough just to know secrets. You must act on it.

Not many people have the courage to tell you this, but I am not afraid of the backlash. You need to focus on yourself until "you can get you."

Esoteric right? Did that make your brain hurt?

The first time an author made my brain hurt was when Seth Godin talked about tribes. It was an "aha!" moment when I realized I didn't know what I thought I knew.

You are valuable and you might not know it. You are valuable and you might not be focusing on living your best life. I'm not talking about becoming a narcissist or elitist. I am talking about you changing the narrative in your mind that says your not worth it. Your actions are the screenplay of your internal narrative. Bad writing, bad story, bad popcorn. We all hate a bad story, but sometimes we don't know the secrets of storytelling that can change our own personal narrative.

This book are those secrets, counterintuitive as (insert your favorite explicative here) but they work.

The idea of "You being able to be you" is difficult. We constantly look to other people for validation, for a road map for life, for success and for fulfillment. Every time we journey down this road It leads to being severely dissatisfied. The best way I can describe you getting you it to "Imitate Yourself." The question that fuels this narrative change (Yes questions are the fuel that will ultimately change your story) "Who am I?" and "What do I want to do with my life?"

The Storytelling Heart is a book that addresses this internal struggle. Art imitates life and vice versa. The stories we have been telling since the beginning of time were and still are all about trying to figure life out. They are a blueprint for how to handle situations. Ever since the first cave paintings art was meant to define our reality so that we can change it.

This book exists to change the way we think about life. To change the way we think about art. To look for subtext and context in every story. wither you are a film maker, mom or a just somebody who wants to live a better life, this book is for you.

It's with the utmost humility I thank you for letting me guide you to developing your story telling heart.

Nick Ovalle

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