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John Middick - Artist Signature Colour Chart

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Requirements: For ideal results, please make sure your printer is able to print using heavyweight paper prior to purchase.

Artist John Middick has partnered with me to bring you a curated list of 65 portrait colours across four lines of popular professional grade coloured pencils. John's list is great for any artist looking to start creating portraits or advance their current colour palette. As an extra BONUS John also takes you through a 5-step tutorial of an eye rendering so you can get a glimpse on how he creates rich skin tones with life-like effects.

This 16-Page PDF E-book includes:
- Instructions on how to print the chart onto your own artist paper
- A lightfast rating comparison chart
- John's Middick's curated list in chart form
- An exclusive eye rendering tutorial by John Middick

Colour charts are a helpful tool to have in your art practice but making them yourself is often tedious and time consuming. Free charts available online often have digital reproductions of the colours and aren't always accurate, especially when you print them out yourself. After years of making and perfecting my own custom charts, I've decided to make them available to other artists like yourself as well! 

These custom designed colour charts come pre-scaled to print on US Letter (8.5"x11") sized paper. I've included instructions on how to print the chart on your own heavyweight artist paper, as well as best practice tips that I use to fill in the charts. The charts feature the manufacturer's lightfast ratings as well as blank spaces for you to write in additional ratings such as those from the Colored Pencil Society of America's independent ATSM D5383 lightfast testing.

The hardest part is done and now all you have to do is colour in all of the swatches!

Please Note: Digital products are not eligle for returns or refunds. 

You will get a PDF (5MB) file
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