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Space Clearing

We are energy in human form. And just as the energy in our bodies can become stuck, so, too, can the energy in our homes and offices. Everything from the walls to the furniture can take on human emotions on an energetic level, built up over time from the many transitions that our lives go through: birth, death, marriage, divorce, and hardships. Space clearing cleanses and uplifts the energy within a physical area, creating a sense of lightness and clarity.
Space Clearing allows for the purification of stagnant energy. Sometimes this can be a consequence born out of our own attachments, other times, it can be a residue left behind from previous occupants, even from those who have passed on from this earthly plane, but may be having difficulty crossing over. A cleansing will consecrate your home and help the spirit move on, allowing you to reclaim your power. If you are interested in selling your home and find that there is no progress, clearing your space may be the answer, giving you, the seller, an opportunity to completely release any attachment, so that the house can sell. For businesses, a space clearing ritual can create an environment that will attract new projects, stimulate new ideas and draw valuable new people into your arena. The possibilities are endless.
A space clearing session opens pathways for energy to flow; allowing you to let go of old patterns and embrace forward movement, feeling grounded and connected to Spirit. It is a soul-centered spring-cleaning!
We will practice techniques that will teach you how to read the energy that already exists in your place so you can know exactly what type of energy you will be clearing.

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