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What is it about? 

Womb Links is a story and a manual on sacred sexuality, personal boundaries as well as a guide for clear communication in our interpersonal dynamics. 


Imagine a womb-wide web: an underground circuit of collective consciousness connected through the womb. 

Imagine if we were willing to break through the competitive mindset that has been deeply ingrained through the media and unite our forces. We'd be a force to be reckoned with. This isn't about feminism or neo-feminism.

This is about the womb, and men had wombs in their mother's womb before their phalluses formed, it's true. 

Here is an e-book written from the wisdom of my womb. I invite womb(men) to join me in a movement beyond opposition of the genders. Biology may have us hardwired differently and society has us conditioned through survival but we have one thing in common:
We all come from the womb.

Every single woman carries the egg of the woman which birthed her before. Which means that we are all connected to a womb wide web. 

While I am not this story, this is my story.


Hue-men, I invite us to share our stories, to weave them together. The next volume of "Womb Links" will be co-created.

I've always dreamt of a "chicken noodle for the soul" style book about dense topics. 

If you  have a traumatic story that you would like published in the next volume, please send it to 

or visit by clicking the image below:

If you prefer a kindle edition (which doesn't have the full layout of the book), you can purchase it here :
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