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Devil Star Venus 777 Quake

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1)Venus is at its angular minimum with Niku thus Unukalhai. This is main reason for concern as it also affords for precise timing of said event.
2)Pluto more often than not participates in most quake scenarios, here visibly angular.
3)The Moon is with Uranus.
4)Mercury has a transit.
5)Mercury forms a black magick aspect with Saturn. [See I Ching Aspectarian]
6)Saturn is at the tip of a potent T=cross.
7)Mars is at the Stargate of Chaos.
8)||:|:: is the worst aspect of all.
9)Mars is also engaged with several bellicose stars.
10):||||| is neither Niku nor mere NIKH, rather Babalon as Saturn collides with Uranus.

I was actually setting chart for Washington DC when I noticed that we have a quake; locally. It was not my intention to calculate quakes at this epoch: just happened that I got local chart instead of USA one. Said: ufff: quake. It surely looks like as it happened.

Told a friend it was an one second prediction, not minute second: a second, a glance. I was able to repeat or retrieve date here: even an amateur would instantly predict earthquake.

Serpens Cauda USA ascendant exact at analysis time.

Unukalhai Niku ascendant at quake time as inspired by Venus below.

Quake happens with Unukalhai at the local horizon exact.

Venus Unukalhai angular minimum – as we write this; a series of aftershocks possible still.

Quake at 7:7:7 CET as predicted [angular minimum Venus Unukalhai, the Devil's Star and Vatican-Italy ascendant in SERPENS CAPVT]. P.S. Took second: was setting map for Washington DC when erroneously entered local data for Italy: immediately noticed quake. Said ufff: quake. So it happened. Serpens Cauda [USA Ascendant] is mere reflex of [Italian faxist ascendant] Serpens Caput: Vinixian vs Zenoes Italians found or invaded America.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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