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He Wants His Brother's Wife and He Will Kill Him for Her

“Didn't I tell you that these cars had to be finished and out of the shop by this morning?” screamed Dean. The entire shop cowered as he walked in and began screaming.  
“What are you low lives doing around here? Oh, I bet I know, are you all gawking at my wife? Anybody want to take a try at getting her? She’s such a whore I bet you she’ll actually let you!!”  
“I know why you’re all distracted, look at what you’re wearing today?” He grabbed Mary Jane by the arm, pulling her up out of her chair in the front of the office. Her face turned bright red.  
“What, Dean? What did I do?” 
“What did you do? What did you do? Didn't I tell you before that your shorts shall be no shorter than the top of your knees? If you bent over in these shorts, everyone in here is going to see the blood from your period, the reason why you couldn't give YOUR HUSBAND any sex last night. Go change, NOW!!” He screamed. Mary Jane, kept her head low, and went into the back of the office, to find another pair of pants. 
Dean was in a nastier mood than usual this morning. This usually happened when he wanted some the night before and got turned down. Mary Jane tried to explain to him that it was that time of the month, and she just wasn't in the mood, but that didn't matter. He always forced her to dress and act conservative no matter where they were, or where they were going. Even in the bedroom, he never allowed any sexy nighties even.  
He thought that if he allowed her to get them, she could sneak them out and wear them for someone else.

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