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If you can prove to me that you are a genuine individual; I will honhour a 50% return/discount.

To save yourself £250 in exchange for my standard ebook containing my roulette prediction strategy; simply prove your genuine (see below on how to meet criteria)

Learning the basics of roulette prediction could not be better, directly from my own personal experiences.


Probably one of the best documentations for roulette prediction available on the internet, completely authentic, written entirely by myself.


In basic English, anyone can learn the roulette prediction the way I play the game, with incredible accuracy.  


Stop gambling randomly, get the advantage, with a bespoke predictive structure for incredible accuracy as seen in my exclusive hidden spy camera videos.


        • Standard Personalized Ebook:

          Revision: May 2017 

          Delivery: Email Download, within 72 hours of cleared payment 

          Ebook Format: PDF

          Customized: YES

          Dedicated Individual Personal Support, Membership & Self Service:  Not Included in £250/500 Offer (optionally available)

          Support is available upon full payment, see #General Support below for details.




Acceptable ways to prove you are a genuine individual:   

(scale of 1-to-5: 1 best way, 5 least way to convince me) 

1. Photographic ID (you can obscure or block any private addresses or serial numbers if you wish to do so)

2. Social Media account that you use, direct link (not a name for me to search for) must have recent and past honest activity.

3. Phone number/Whats App details: possible quick phone call conversation if you can speak English.

4. Other forms of document displaying your name and photograph on, not home printed

5. A detailed Introduction of yourself, tell me who you are, what you like doing, and your past gambling experiences



A. If you prove you are genuine BEFORE making a payment, I will send you a paypal invoice for 250gbp.

B. If you prove you are genuine AFTER already paying 500 I will honhour a 50% refund via your paypal transaction, only effective for any payments sent after 20th May 2017.

I will also accept a further 50gbp discount if you wish to save paypal fees by paying via an alternative method, please see below for methods of payment I can accept.

DBT - Direct bank transers from genuine UK banks, 

International SEPA bank transfers (contact first to verify the current euro currency exchange rate), 


PaySafeCard Vouchers, 

Google Wallet (in GBP only), 

Moneybookers (Skrill) 

Cash Money Transfers; for those who prefer discrete cash only transactions (western union/moneygram)

For more details visit: www.rrsys.info/payments




General Support:

your support related quetions sent by email or whatsapp will be responded to, limited to a maximum of 3 months starting from the date of the initial payment.  Responce time; dependant on demand, however responce time should take no longer than 7 days.  Should you require my top priority support (withing 24 hour) please contact me in regards to my dedicated personal support service or rrsys membership. 

contact me directly with your interest, double check your email address is correct, check your email inbox for SPAM and JUNK folders as often my email name gets detected as spam, mark my email address " SYSTEM@RRSYS.INFO " as not spam, wait for the automated reply - then I will reply as soon as I see it, usually within a few hours, up to a maximum of 48 hours typically.




I am not prepared to deal with any further anonymous people, who seem only intent on creating false email accounts in attempt to absorb all my time repeating myself on first contact, pretending to be new contacts.  

"my time is valuable, I am happy to move on my prices for anyone, if you are truthful to me...."




I am a normal, single individual. I am not a business, I am not here to offer pre-sales advice, nor am I here to convince people to invest in my roulette system.  


I have been on YouTube since the 3rd of October 2011.  People can see I am trustworthy individual, being around for so long, being extremely easy to contact at any time from anywhere in the world, I have been doing the same thing now for years, I do not give unrealistic claims or guarantees, I am not your typical roulette system seller... 

The only claims I have ever made are: I became banned from the majority of UK land casinos within a few months after demonstrating my method in action inside a real casino, and, that I have been playing roulette the same way since I started to develop my own predictive strategy since late 2010, which is all explained in my standard ebook. 
The evidence of these claims can be found by watching my all my "spy camera videos" on my YouTube channel; take note to read my video descriptions and various comments for more details, to save repeating myself. 


#General Support:

I offer my personal time to everyone and anyone on first contact, however I am offering my standard ebook now at a vastly reduced price, as many people have stated my marked prices are high.  My prices are set due to the fact that what I offer in my standard ebook is a personal investment, your paying in exchange for my experience, which to do so requires my time to do so.  I value my time, however I have always fluctuated my prices depending on demand, yet many people are not aware that I offer this, which is why today I have offered this May price offer, available to real people.


I do not want to waste my time with any fake people, doing so adds to delay in my responses to actual genuine people that want or have paid for my attention. 

So, in order to offer the most fair investment, I am willing to accept lower price in return for my standard ebook only, to those who have proved that they are genuine individuals.  

Once you start using my standard ebook, you will see the true potential of my methods.  You can use my system as a self training guide, to teach yourself my way of playing roulette, you will read my book to understand what things I do at the casino or many online casinos to predict a number, what things I take notice of before any bets, what things I have found aid into better accuracy, ways in which to reduce risk.  

For full price standard ebook buyers only:

As of revision July 2016, now containing "optional personalized membership services" which can be found on the back pages of your personalized standard ebook - this is an optional service I personally offer my time and devotion to, allowing you as the individual to personally hire me directly, to work with you, support you, give you additional advice, study your play history and ultimately take part in my split profit sessions directly;.  

All membership availability slots depends on my demand at any such time, currently available in 1, 7 or 30 day subscription terms. Fully confidential, contact me after your payment is complete, can also discuss in spoken english; personally via telephone.


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Paul, Liverpool (UK) ENGLAND. 

RRS / RRSYS / RealRoulette System - © Established October 2011

Terms and conditions: www.RRSYS.info/t&c - Real Roulette System Information

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