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Kundalini Curse Breaking for a Offering of: $35.00 USD

by Spiritual Freedom Church


Symptoms of Kundalini Spirit infestation:


  1. In the crown chakra area you will feel a sudden rise of energy.
  2. Visions, vivid dreams, insights, synchronistic events, changes in perspective and beliefs, questioning one's faith. Sporadic nervous system reactions.
  3. You will have a change in perception and see nature differently with vivid colors.
  4. Perceive the interconnectedness between objects in the world.
  5. Have a sensation of time standing still.
  6. Experience rushes of energy.
  7. Flashes of light.
  8. Kaleidoscope of colors and smells.
  9. Have colorful and mysterious, 'out of this world' stories.
  10. Meeting of higher inner self.
  11. Profound re-wiring of nervous system.
  12. Expanded perception and heightened sensory abilities.


  1. tingling
  2. muscle twitches
  3. kriyas (throwing head back and forth, side to side)
  4. prickles
  5. freezing
  6. hot flashes
  7. sweating
  8. nervousness
  9. pain in muscles
  10. muscle cramps
  11. flashes of light in mind
  12. rushes of energy in the spine
  13. increased sexual energy
  14. visions
  15. change in sleep patterns
  16. clicking and popping of joints
  17. numbness
  18. crying, laughing
  19. vibrations, pulses of energy in the body
  20. hearing tones
  21. buzzing in the ears
  22. headaches
  23. hyperactivity
  24. shivers
  25. altered states of consciousness
  26. visits from extraterrestrials

Advance Kundalini Curse Breaking eBook

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$ 35.00

$ 35.00

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