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Funding Restrictions on Arizona Adult Education Certification Programs

The state of Arizona has been facing a problem regarding the education of its citizens, in that over 800,000 adults in the state do not have their GED or high school diploma as of 2012. Previously, these adults had options, and were encouraged by local community colleges to complete their high school educations through adult education programs and then to continue their education by being offering professional certification classes for practical careers such as criminal justice, nursing, and technology. However, there was a funding freeze put in place in 2010 that blocked these individuals from completing their education due to a lack of funding assistance. Finally, in early 2012, the legislature approved funds to be released to provide assistance, which is good news for an essay writing com, students and local colleges alike.

Why Were the Funding Restrictions Put into Place?
The state legislature cited the reasoning for cutting back on funding for students to get certificated for careers or for completion of high school education was mainly due to a need to secure tax payer dollars for other programs. From about 2003 until 2010, they had been taking steps towards increasing state revenue and cutting back on certain programs throughout the state. Budget cuts across the state came under intense scrutiny from the media and taxpayers.

How Much Money is Available for Prospective Adult Education Certificate Seekers?
The freeze released $4.5 million for use throughout the state during the 2013 fiscal year, and there may be more available in 2014. Monies specifically for adult education and certificate programs are estimated to be at around $2 billion, and will be made available on a quarterly basis throughout the year. Those wanting to take advantage of the funds should register early in the semester, or consult their college financial aid department before signing up for classes to verify the funds currently available for adult education classes.

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