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Within our AEON CETI it is customary to have most planets in Cetus not only around cetacean spring equinox, alright: but in special years like 2012 we had Jupiter and Uranus in Cetus, while in 2022 e have Jupiter and Mars. Why is that important? Cetus does not only host Eris as nuclear submarine: it also rules oil reserves. And brother Mars and sister Eris have scheduled an explosive meeting down in Cetus 2022 along with Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and various secondary objects from Pallas and Cruithne to Sun there.

CETVS 2022 Cetus 2023 Years bis 2012 AEON CETI BIS

a)Several planets will be “eaten by monster whale” in the year 2022, as reminder of AEON 2012 when we had Jupiter with Uranus there; namely most planets enter Cetus around spring equinox every year, but this year we have Jupiter nose-diving into its oily depths.
b)In short; we have of course Ascendant or Earth there, possibly triune Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter; apart from e.g. Pallas, Cruithne, Sun and various standard objects also featuring in ancient modern Astrology.
c)What is Cetus? Cetus is standard zodiacal ascendant.
d)Cetus also marks spring equinox.
e)Pisces are vertically bracketed by zodiacal Pegasus and zodiacal ascendant Cetus.
f)Oily Cetus runs deeper than Pisces but not so deep as neighboring zodiacal ascendant Eridanus or Piscis Austrians. Among watery signs, it nevertheless dives on in deeper than uterine Aries or splashing Capricornus with its overlapping Aquarius.
g)Many Latin languages like British have in fact Aqua for (Germanic) water such as in the sunrise theme of :::|:| “Aquatic his horns.” (courtesy Edward L. Shaughnessy).
h)Cetus is one of the largest and longest standard zodiacal constellations. Note that zodiacal ascendant Hydra is even much longer than Virgo while Ophiuchus and Orion – the opposite Stargates – showcase exemplary height. In order to classify planetary positions, we had to divide said giants typically into three sections, whether horizontal or vertical; thus e.g. the Moon often crosses all three segments of Cetus – namely I, II and III; where III is the critical zodiacal corner, not unlike that famous taurine dint betwixt Eridanus and Cetus.
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