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Midnight Shadows: Girls from the Street Book 3 (Audiobook)

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She was born on the streets; he was born to rule…

Sheikh Junayd Saif-Ad-Din wears the royal, sophisticated persona of wealth and power. He became a doctor to help his people, but his bloodline comes from the desert and a long line of warriors. His decorous veneer dissolves when he witnesses an attack while at a society function—and meets a mysterious woman who emerges from the darkness.

Despite living in a time when staying under the radar is a monumental task, Midnight Rain moves through society as an apparition. Her life was forged by the fires of the streets and she makes her living protecting others. She lives by two rules: she only works at night and she tries to stay alive.

Junayd is determined to find the enigmatic woman who appeared from out of the night. Positive that she is his Chosen, the woman he is destined to love, Junayd will use every resource available to find her.

From the dark streets of New York City to the beautiful desert kingdom of Jawahir, danger hunts Midnight and Junayd. Can two modern day warriors, one that lives in the shadows and one that thrives in the bright light of the desert, defeat the forces sent by a deranged man intent on killing them?

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