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SMILE Sessions

Now, is a perfect time to nurture your mental health and well-being. Use this opportunity to master a simple meditation practise and experience lasting joy.



  • A systematic approach to experiencing peace, joy and happiness within.
  • Use your positive internal feelings to facilitate healing your body.
  • Experience and share life with gratitude and appreciation.

SMILE Session - a user-friendly programme, designed to allow people from all walks of life to learn about their body and mind, and how to integrate them for total well-being.


SMILE Session derives its approach from ancient eastern practices, alongside modern scientific evidence. These practices include: Relaxation, Visualisation, Sound Creation, Concentration and Meditation.

SMILE Session allows you the opportunity to explore aspects of a variety of different practices, with the sole purpose of helping you to establish a 15-20 minute personal practice which you can use yourself on a daily basis, or at your leisure.

SMILE Technique is a non-religious practice where the methods involved are backed by scientific study.

SMILE Technique connects you, the practitioner with your innate loving nature; affording you the opportunity for greater appreciation and gratitude, as well as forgiveness and acceptance. In this way you can overcome past hurts and upsets, regrets and ill-doings, and be able to envision a brighter future. A future where everyday is abundant in life-enhancing possibilities.


SMILE Session has several health benefits; both physical and mental, which every individual can experience in a short space of time. Some of these benefits are outlined here.


Changes your mood, for the better.
Boosts your immune system.
Relieves stress.
Lowers blood pressure.
Releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.
Makes you look younger.
Helps you look more attractive.


Lowers your risk of having a stroke.
Lowers risk of you catching a cold.
Boosts your memory.
Keeps you safe from depression.
Helps you make better decisions.
Keeps you slimmer.
Stimulates disease-fighting genes.
Allows the body to self-heal.
Releases growth hormones that repair cells and tissue.
Is an effective treatment for IBS.


Has the same effect on the body as the
actual physical practice.
Is a powerful tool for goal achievement.
Develops willpower and focus.
Cultivates mind mastery.

Sound Creation

Helps with insomnia.
Relieves muscle tension.
Improves motor skills.
Boosts oxygen distribution throughout your body.
Modifies release of stress hormones.
Relaxes the central nervous system.
Relieves or lessens depression and anxiety.
Improves brain functioning and mental clarity.
Switches on your body’s natural healing processes.
Triggers endorphin release, which improves
mood and lessens pain.


Improves your overall ability to pay attention.
Improves your memory.
Allows for cerebral attention networks to function better.
Improves efficiency and effectiveness.
Allows you to experience states that help you to
engage with the world positively.
Optimises on the elasticity of the brain.
Allows older adults to cultivate neural activity
on par with that of younger adults.
Strengthens the areas of the brain that are
most susceptible to cognitive decline.


SMILE Sessions includes:

- a full colour, illustrated PDF manual, with explanations and diagrams. The manual outlines specific procedures and techniques that compliment what is shared in the audio section of the programme.

- 13 audio tracks providing clearly described explanations, step by step tutorials and guided relaxation and meditation practices. Total running time is almost 130 minutes.


You will get the following files:

  • PDF (2MB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • MP3 (14MB)
  • MP3 (13MB)
  • MP3 (28MB)
  • MP3 (8MB)
  • MP3 (9MB)
  • MP3 (9MB)
  • MP3 (12MB)
  • MP3 (9MB)
  • MP3 (14MB)
  • MP3 (25MB)
  • MP3 (16MB)
  • MP3 (17MB)

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