Money Planning Made Easy

by Alun Jones

Is doing a budget, creating a spreadsheet, and planning your money a total nightmare for you? So much so that you avoid it like the plague? How many excuses and justifications are you using to keep you from knowing and keeping track of where your money comes from and where your money goes to?

Keeping track of your finances is often made so meaningful and significant, technical, complicated, and bloody hard work! As a result you keep telling yourself things like "I'm no good at figures". You know that having greater awareness of what it costs you to live each month will be a great contribution to creating your life, but somehow, actually getting around to doing it seems to elude you. Sound familiar?

If you don't currently do a budget how do you know how much to create each month and/or ask the Universe for? Can be a bit tricky right?

Delany and Alun would love to help you have more ease with keeping track of your money. In this telecall they help you get clear on all the points of view that are keeping you and your money flows in the dark. We include a basic spreadsheet that you can start using straight away, and show you how you can use it and adapt it to suit your needs.

Is now the time to pull your head out of your ass when it comes to being aware of your money flows?

When you purchase this product you will receive:

  1. The MP3 audio recording of the call
  2. The MP4 video recording of the call
  3. An MP3 audio of the processes from the call
  4. A written PDF of the processes from the call
  5. An Excel speadsheet template for you to use

You will get the following files:

  • XLSX (19KB)
  • PDF (144KB)
  • MP3 (30MB)
  • MP4 (209MB)
  • MP3 (6MB)

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£ 47.00

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