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An immortal vampire hunter has survived for almost two thousand years…

…yet he never suspected a rain-filled gutter in Portland, Oregon would be his grave.

When every advance ends in ambush, will allying himself with werewolves save the hunter from the trap the vampires have laid?

Former Roman legionnaire Luke Irontree stalks the dark, rainy streets of Portland to eliminate the vampires preying on his quiet city before they get out of hand. But when the streets run red with blood and the city’s most vulnerable people start disappearing, he might be too late to stop the undead scourge—or even survive.

Suddenly hunted in his own town, Luke narrowly escapes when a werewolf and a human woman save him from the threshold of death, forging unexpected friendships in the process.

Can Luke protect his city and stay alive while training his allies, dodging hungry vamps, and recovering from grievous wounds? Will he uncover the sinister plan behind the disappearance of Portland’s homeless population before the vampires can add him to their list of victims and end his undying life permanently?

You'll love this action-packed urban fantasy, because even a broken hero deserves a shot at redemption.

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