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The Dark Fangs Trilogy Autographed Paperbacks

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Get all three Dark Fangs books - Dark Fangs Rising, Dark Fangs Raging, & Dark Fangs Descending.

Dark Fangs Rising

An immortal vampire hunter has survived for almost two thousand years…

…yet he never suspected a rain-filled gutter in Portland, Oregon would be his grave.

When every advance ends in ambush, will allying himself with werewolves save the hunter from the trap the vampires have laid?

Former Roman legionnaire Luke Irontree stalks the dark, rainy streets of Portland to eliminate the vampires preying on his quiet city before they get out of hand. But when the streets run red with blood and the city’s most vulnerable people start disappearing, he might be too late to stop the undead scourge—or even survive.

Suddenly hunted in his own town, Luke narrowly escapes when a werewolf and a human woman save him from the threshold of death, forging unexpected friendships in the process.

Can Luke protect his city and stay alive while training his allies, dodging hungry vamps, and recovering from grievous wounds? Will he uncover the sinister plan behind the disappearance of Portland’s homeless population before the vampires can add him to their list of victims and end his undying life permanently?

Dark Fangs Raging

An old friend becomes a new enemy…

…and Luke is left playing catchup as the vampires turn up the heat.

Can Luke and the North Portland Werewolf Pack unravel the vamps’ evil plan before it’s too late?

Luke thought he knew what the vampires were up to. Same old enemy, same old tricks. But when a flood of heavily armed vampire mercenaries show up in Portland led by an old friend, Luke and his newly assembled crew of misfits are the ones left dodging bullets.

For Luke and his new friends, it’s a race against time to stem the flow of heavy arms coming into Portland while also trying to find out how deep the connection goes between Portland’s police and Luke’s ancient enemy.

Will Luke get to the bottom of how the vampires are smuggling weapons into Portland? Or will the vampires finally eliminate their deadliest enemy?

Dark Fangs Descending

Beware he who hunts the hunter…

…because the predator can become the prey.

When vampires infiltrate the police, will Luke and his ragtag band of werewolves survive as Portland’s Most Wanted?

Trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Luke and his growing werewolf army of vampire slayers are still a few steps behind the vamps and their vengeful leader, a man Luke once called a friend. This time, it’s not only their fanged immortal enemies they’re facing, but the very power structure of Portland itself.

Dodging cops and vampires makes for a lethal contest no one wanted to play and leaves all of Portland vulnerable as their invisible protectors are hunted by a corrupted government. Luke will be pushed to the very edge of his abilities with no guarantee of survival.

Can they escape the vampires’ clutches yet another time? Or will Luke’s luck finally run out?

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Dark Fangs Rising Autographed Copy


Dark Fangs Descending Autographed Paperback


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Dark Fangs Rising Ebook


Dark Fangs Descending Ebook


Dark Fangs Raging Autographed Paperback


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