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What Men Do not Know about Women

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Man has conquered the moon, solved the mystery of the universe, and tamed the beasts.
However, there remains one thing that man has not been able to conquer, nor solve nor tame,
and that is the mind of a woman. It remains a mystery to men.

Sam Choo, learned the truth about women from his beautiful wife through 33 years of marriage.
He has documented his finding in this little book which contains 5,709 words.

In this book, you will discover what women like or dislike, how they think and behave. You will learn how to deal with women.

This book is the perfect gift for clueless guys. Guys, if you are just dating or just got married, this guide will show you how to read a woman like a book.

Ladies, you should get this book for your men so that they know how to treat you like a queen.

"Sam I love your book. You seem to know the women’s language very intimately. Very entertaining and highly engaging book." Najmunnisa Binte Abdul Kader, international best-selling author.

The book contains 5,717 words and 32 pages


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