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How to Make Money as a Freelance Website Designer

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Do you want to find a legitimate way to make decent money?

Of course there are many ways. Some take a long time to earn your first dollar. Some earn you pittance. Some require high overheads.

One of the better ways is to be a freelance website designer.
The profit margin is higher. You can deliver it in just days. Overheads is extremely low. This is a make money with no money method.  This is a skill that you can master in 1 or 2 days. If you are really slow, it won't take you 30 days to master it.

The demand for websites is always there. Every business needs a website. Those who have a website need to revamp their sites every few years. Many old websites are still not mobile friendly and not security compliant. A business owner can have more than one website for the same business.

Let me clear a myth. You don't need to know how to code in order to create a website.

Why should you listen to me?
Website design was my first online business. I had created more than 100 websites in 5 years. I can finish one website in a day and earn $500 to $800 plus passive income from the upsell. You can do that do. Those who service corporates are charging above $1K.

In this digital handbook,  I will reveal my trade secrets on how you can making a living with your website design skill. Nobody will share this kind of information.

Why do I share it? I believe in abundance. The market is big enough for everyone. I have multiple streams of income and there are plenty of options.  I have stop creating websites for clients to pursue my writing interest. So I am not competing with you.  In fact, I pass all my referrals to my students in my mentorship program.

This is  for you if you want to explore website design as a career, or if you are not making enough money as a website designer.

Note: This is not a "how to create a website" course.  This is about business strategies.

Here's what you will discover in this e-course:
* 6 reasons why you should be a website designer
* 12 ways to monetize your website design skill. It's more than selling website design service.
* How to promote your business
* 8 ways to find customers
* How to get prospects to open the doors to you
* The most important question that all prospects will ask you and how to answer them.
* The whole business process (the business blueprint)
* How to find your USP so that you that you can dominate your market with less competitors
* What to upsell
* How to find your best customers
* How much to charge
* and more..

The valuable knowledge you gain can help you earn hundreds or more a month. You don't have to depend on employers to give you a job. You have the power to create your own job.

When I shared this info during a live workshop, here are the comments from some of the partiicpants:

After Adah Fah, an experienced website designer read it, here's what she said; "I have been following Sam since his early days in Internet Marketing. I have seen how much he has progressed with great determination and consistency. 

The ebook is great for those who wishes to embark on the journey as a freelance website designer. Insider valuable tips are shared. You'll be able to start to your next website design gig in no time. You'll know the different ways you can earn as a website designer. Even for me who has been designing websites for 10 years have learnt a few other ways to increase my income."
You will get a PDF (360KB) file

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