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More than 111 Ways to Make Money Online

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"The Career Handbook for online entrepreneurs"

If you are looking for a job, you will probably look for a career guidebook on what are kinds of jobs available and what the jobs entail.

You will probably seek a career coach.

But when it comes to online businesses, the choices are confusing.

Every vendor tells you that their business is the best, the most profitable and the easiest.

Find a job that fits your budget, time, your personality, interest and capability.

In this ebook, you will find the most comprehensive guidebook on your career option for online businesses.

I have listed more than 111 business models that you can pick and turn it into your own business.

Here's a little backstory.

Since I became a full-time online marketer in 2008, I have been obsessed with how other people make money online.

For the last 12 years, I have been compiling case studies and my observation on the various ways that people create an online income.

I have collected 626 online biz ideas. I have extracted the best ideas and the result is this ebook.

As a solopreneur, I cannot use all of the ideas for myself. I took only what I need.

It would be a waste to keep it to myself, right?

I am sure these information will benefit you. So I decided to share my best-kept business ideas with you.

In this ebook, you will discover

* 6 categories of online businesses

* 115 biz models

* 12 marketing strategies

* Fast cash methods

This is the longest ebook I have written so far. This is like an encyclopedia of a career guidebook for online businesses

It contains 279 pages and 38,887 words.

My students have paid usd$74 to obtain these info from me.

I want to make it affordable for you so I am offering you a special price.

I don't think you'll find such a comprehensive guidebook elsewhere.

This guidebook is a result of my 12 years of research and personal experience as an online marketer who dabbles in different kind of online businesses.

If you can discover one or two businesses that you like and turn it into your business, it will be worth your money.

With over 111 business models to choose from, you will certainly find the one you like.

My wise mother said to me, "A woman must find the right husband. A man must find the right job".




This ebook will help you find the most suitable job that fits you. You must read this book before you make the career choice.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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