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Bunny Veteran Caster Crutching in Heel and Loafer Cast Talk (HD 1280x720)

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Bunny Veteran Caster Crutching in Heel and Loafer Cast Talk in HD
Bunny is no stranger to casting. A couple of years back she broke a bone at the bottom of her foot stepping off a bus and twisting it between the curb. It still bothers her though and a couple of week she went back to the doctor and he casted her. But she also relates her earlier med casting experiences in this clip. There is a lot of toe wiggling and closeups in this one and Bunny shows off her veteran crutching ability in both a flat and in a dress on a sexy heel around campus, on the stairs at the stadium, etc..

LENGTH: 10 Mins
SIZE: 455 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1280x720
UPDATE: 10/18/21

You will get a AVI (454MB) file

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