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18 Day Diet & Workout Plan for Normal People

There's a large variety of diet plans out there, but they always include the same bland foods. When I was 12, I started to develop a huge interest in health & fitness (I know what a normal pre-teen right?). I ended up trying many diets from ketogenic to vegan; not to lose weight necessarily, but to see how it made me feel in all aspects of my life. After going through different ways of living, I found what works for me which is why I decided to create a short E-book bringing you a glimpse of what I found was the best for me. I know this may not be for everyone, but I woud say it is both unique and doable. This book is to show you a lifestyle not to have you eat like this for eighteen days and just go back to normal inevitably gaining everything back, but to inspire a complete lifestyle change. This E-book is like training for a job. I am showing you one way to live for 18 days (training for the job), and then you get to be on your own (doing the actual job). My goal is to help people learn how to live healthy not to lose X amount of weight in __ days because diets that do that wreck your metabolism and waste your money. So, I hope you have convinced to give this lifestyle change a try. 

- 18 UNIQUE days of meal plans! 

- Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced workout options. 

- 24 pages of content!

- Progress chart that allows you to visually see your results. 

- Tried and true method. 

- Every photo you will find in the book our all taken by me. Times I actually tried these methods. 

- Includes some of my favorite recipes. 

- Open to receiving any messages via my instagram @thehealthyrose

You will get a PDF (22MB) file

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$ 7.49

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