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How to make your relationship work

Love is an amazing feeling when it is done in the right way and everything is positive. In a situation where someone takes love for granted then they run the risk of losing a partner. However, at that moment, that is when he or she realizes the true power of love. This is normally in a situation when you realize that that partner is not going to be easy to replace or possibly, you just cannot. In this situation, you begin to feel some emotions that you never even knew exist.

Many people make the mistake of getting into a relationship for the purpose of finding someone to complete them or complete a particular aspect of their life. However, a relationship is best enjoyed when you are a person that is already complete. You then enter into a relationship so that you can share your lives interdependently. Take relationships seriously and if you are with a person that is playing games with you or your heart, do not be afraid to leave. Rather leave now when you can and it hurts far less than get heartbroken in the future and deal with serious emotional damage. 

Things do not always workout in a relationship. However this does not necessarily mean that the relationship should end. Obviously if there is nothing that can be done to resolve the issues, then breaking up is the only option.  It needs to be pointed out that it is not possible for people in a relationship to agree on everything. Sometimes breaking up is not the option because possibly the people involved in the relationship love each other, have been together for a long time and have invested so much into each other or have a child together or for whatever other reasons. In such circumstances, the only option is to try and make the relationship work.

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