Money Magic

by Kathy Williams - Inner & Outer Transformation

Above is one exercise from Money Magic with Kathy Williams

Money Magic is a dive into releasing you from Money Blocks so you can live a life of true abundance.

View a list of money blocks below and see which may be limiting you.                                                           What are they costing you in terms of money, health, time, relationships?

  •  3 1 hour sessions to Clear the 20 Money Blocks & open to abundance
  • 12 shorter sessions with exercises, clearings & meditations
  • Practical, playful, energetic, transformative ways to expand your awareness & receiving of money.


  • The Kahuna nighttime exercise to connect to people, clients, etc who will expand your life
  • The 3 main questions I use to generate money
  • A chart of 20 money blocks - so you can ID & clear those most limiting YOU. 
  • Ways and questions to Pull in Money 
  • Clearings for each of the blocks
  • Video Recordings of everything

What's possible for you when money is no longer a limitation? 

What are people saying?

After our first free call, I sold 2 cars at my job the next day!!!! That’s a record so far!!! Thanks Kathy Jones Williams for sharing the magic!!! I can’t wait for more!!!        ~ Reid Garcia 

Got 2 new job contracts and was sent a $900 check out of no where from the state of Illinois after playing the receiving money replays from Kathy's previous calls!! Thank you Kathy! So psyched to see what else will magically show up with this call!!            ~Siris Rivas

Hi there Miss Kathy...
I really wished to share with you something that happened after your call yesterday... Your potency and willingness to be you no matter what, and your sweetness totally melted me... The space that you now embody is such a glorious invitation for me and seeing what is wonderfully possible with ease is an incredible invitation for me as well... Thank you, I am grateful for you and all you be... and any way I can contribute to you now or in the future it's yours...
Big Kiwi Cuddles my Hawaiian Friend      ~ Lorene Hughes

Are any of these 20 limiting points of view blocking your money flows?

Assess each one with (minimally) 1-10. (It's a huge block)


  • Belief in Lack. There’s not enough to go around. This includes “they need it more than I do.”
  • "It’s Hard Work to make money"
  • You’ve placed a limit on what you can receive, how much, and from whom.
  • "I have to work to get it" (it’s linked to a job or DOING something)
  • It would change who I am -if I had a lot of money I’d become greedy/selfish/out of touch, etc
  • If I had money, I’d have to spend time managing it (or I don’t like numbers
  • I don’t trust myself with money
  • Money is Evil/bad/wrong 
  • If I had more money it would make people uncomfortable -Equalizing to stay the same as others
  • Wishing/hoping/dreaming syndrome. Money is always “out there” in the future
  • Money is a Thing to Get
  • I attach “Need” to Money
  • I limit the ways it can show up, expecting it to come from certain sources
  • If I had money, other people would ask for it, and I don’t want to say NO
  • If I had money, people would only like me for my money, not for who I am or (I wouldn’t have love) 
  • People would abandon me
  • I sabotage long term growth for short term profit
  • I have to do it alone. 
  • Are you willing to Have the Power of Money? 1=Yes, 10= no
  • Truth, Do you disike Money? 1=Yes, 10= no


Identify some blocks? How much are they costing you in energy? Time?

You will get the following files:

  • M4A (7MB)
  • MP4 (83MB)
  • MP4 (91MB)
  • M4A (8MB)
  • MP4 (236MB)
  • M4A (10MB)
  • MP3 (30MB)
  • M4A (10MB)
  • M4A (7MB)

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