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The Case of the Missing Merchandise

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The annual agility trials are coming up soon and Cinnamon Chou, Space Station Zeta’s favorite kid detective, is in a quandary. Her best friend Sammy is off-station, visiting her grandparents on Gamma IV. With Sammy and her cute little dog Fred unavailable, who will partner with Cinnamon and her Fornaxian dragon Rafe? Not only that, but mysterious thefts are happening in the market sector.


Cinnamon’s on the case, but will she manage to solve the mystery and find a partner for the agility trials at the same time?

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The Case of the Recreational Thief


The Case of the Glittering Hoard


The Case of the Missing Inarian


The Case of the Vanishing Puppy


Galactic Cadets: Kids in Space