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Illustrated & Text Only Power Point Slides for all 44 Hymns in Progressing the Journey

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You are buying zipped sets of **both Illustrated & Text Only** PowerPoint hymn slides

Progressing the Journey: Lyrics and Liturgy for a Conscious Church by Susan Jones

Save time by copying and pasting the slides into your worship slideshow.

Slides details:
  • Illustrated hymn PowerPoint slides with white text on a black background
  • Text only slides
  • 6 x 9 format
  • 36 point Calibri text
  • Saved in PowerPoint 97-2003 .ppt file format for maximum compatibility
  • Sets of 44 Slides supplied as zipped files

As a bonus your purchase also includes a zipped set of three midi piano accompaniment sound files for hymn 19 In Our World We Find Delight.

Buy the sets of hymn slides separately:

Buy the book
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (141MB)
  • ZIP (3MB)
  • ZIP (5KB)

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