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Violator - Face Sculpt

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Face sculpt for all female Miqo'te faces


Replaces all faces for female Miqo'te models.

Additional previews for skintones, makeups & other textures are included in the video

Entirely custom face normals reworked from zero.

All textures but Runanoms (HD teeth) are hand-painted.

Reshaped nostrils for an in-depth aspect and better 3D overall.

Entirely reweighted from zero to animate properly with all vanilla animations.

Face tattoo & eyes toggle texture are dyeable with the face paint color option.

Base used is Miqo'te face 104, weights based on face 2 to fit the vanilla skeleton.

UVs are based on vanilla UVs therefore compatible with Miqo'te makeups. (except face 2/102)

The face sculpt is high-poly with a smoothed topology in a non-destructive way to preserve vanilla UVs.


  • 5 makeups face diffuse textures
  • Sugar Pudding
  • Raspberry Pudding
  • Raspberry Pudding - Freckles
  • Hourglass - Pink by Haylie
  • Hourglass - Black by Haylie

  • 5 eyes specular textures
  • Seeker of the Sun
  • Keeper of the Moon
  • My Cosmos Is Mine
  • Wagging Tongue
  • Always You

  • Hand-painted etc_b normal map and specular map (eyebrows, lashes, eyes texture, moles, tattoo)

  • Face toggles
  • 2 moles face toggles
  • 1 face tattoo toggle
  • 1 eyes texture toggle
  • Ear flaps toggle for vanilla ears or for no vanilla ears

  • HD teeth: Runanoms by Runa (Fangs version)
  • Two-toned gradient eyes
  • HD eyeballs (spherical eyeballs mapped on the face maps' eyes)
  • Custom eyes sockets (similar to AuRa or Viera eyes sockets) for better eyes works


Not compatible with Reaper eyes.

You might experience the same issues as vanilla models with extreme poses.

No shape-key in included, meaning you will not be able to change face options like vanilla faces.

Only Miqo'te face diffuse maps are compatible with this sculpt. (all faces but 2/102 should work fine)

Top eyelashes are a lot longer than vanilla, if you pose with eyes closed lower than emotes / animations, they will clip with bottom lashes.

Depending on the makeup you are using, especially if it includes its own normal map, the face may not look as smooth as the previews. (like the white-haired Miqo'te)


Haylie for the Hourglass (Pink) & Hourglass (Black) makeups.

Runa for Runanoms

senna / GAIA / Sixmodeus for the white-haired Miqo'te preview

Corvus for the black-haired horned Miqo'te preview

cain for the pink-haired Miqo'te preview

Makeups are using my DevKit - Miqo'te faces for all face textures

Public release: Vaulted

You will get a ZIP (368MB) file