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The Refutation of Gravitational Attraction

Falling body experiments have shown the gravitational acceleration is independent of composition, shape, size, surface, and distance.  However, attracting acceleration is dependent on composition, shape, size, surface, and distance. Therefore:

Gravity is not an attraction.

Certainly, gravity as any force, is dependent of mass, however, gravitational acceleration is not. Shape, size, and surface are functions of mass and distance, gravitational acceleration would have to be independent of mass and distance, isn't it?

Gravity is a contact force of all elements moving toward a  target in uniform acceleration regardless of their differences in composition, shape, size, and distance.  As any force, gravity can not exist without mass.  It has to be built by mass and it's momentum in the process of growing body. Only head-on congregation from gentle pairing to high speed collision can build such one way potential toward a common center.  It is built together with the mass.  The gathering coalesces structure, increases it size, and binding force of gravity. It is push, squeeze, or compression, but attraction or pull.  A concentrative potential of all joined elements.  Objects move to minimum contact field would lost their concentrative potential and experience micro gravity or weightlessness.

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