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Permaculture, Money, and Right Livelihoods

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Are you fed up with trying to reduce your spending, taking on another side hustle, and still finding yourself struggling financially?

According to systems thinker Donella Meadows, most of us try to solve our problems with “brute force” and powering through. It’s a knee jerk reaction. Have a surprise bill to pay? Work more hours! Get a second job! Raise prices! 

But brute force often leads to stress and poor results. For example, long hours lead to burn out and getting sick, or high prices cost us customers. 

But systems thinking can help us identify hidden leverage points that get far better results with less force, less work, and less stress. We can build real, lasting financial resilience instead of trying to muscle through every problem. We can even learn to design our lives to grow rich and wealthy naturally, instead of fighting for every dollar. 

If you're ready to stop spending your precious time and energy focusing on actions that actually keep you trapped on the earn, spend, and repeat hamster wheel of capitalism, then be sure to join us for this unique workshop.

We'll show you how to grow true wealth and become FREE (Financially Resilient & Economically Empowered) by shifting the way you think about money, wealth, consumption, and livelihood. Get ready to start truly transforming your paradigms around money so you can unlock the powerful tools you need to design your life around wealth generating systems that also transform society.