Body By Tosha 30 Day Detox Jumpstart

by BodyByTosha

You’ve arrived! This is your transformation destination.

BodyByTosha 30Day Detox Challenge is NOT a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. On THIS plan you’ll RENEW your mind, IDENTIFY triggers, JUMP START weight loss, BREAK plateaus, and CREATE a firm foundation for your quest to BETTER HEALTH.

What you eat, when you eat and why you eat are the keys to regaining control of your life and your success on this plan.

It is indeed a 30 Day journey. You’ll ELIMINATE certain food groups and EMBRACE others. Fruits, veggies, raw/organic alternatives are JUST SOME of the items you CAN have on the plan. You will be eating. No Shots. No Shakes. No Gimmicks.

It’s ONLINE. ANYONE, ANYWHERE, in ANY TIME ZONE can participate! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Well balanced, healthy options that will sustain you
  • Strategically designed day-by-day eating schedule
  • Exclusive access to an online support group
  • One-on-One coaching via conference calls
  • Discounted admission to monthly mixers

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