Datosha Mayo, the Execution Strategist, founder of Body By Tosha and owner of BBT Fitness Haven has coached hundreds of people though their personal transformation journeys as they renewed their minds, increased their energy, maximized their productivity, and were healed from fatal diseases. She also demonstrates the mind-body connection in action. Taking the principles from the 30-Day Detox Challenge and the Travelling Boot Camps, she conducts business coaching through two courses – The Mastermind Accountability Boot Camp and “So You’ve Launched Your Business, Now What?” In her role as the Execution Strategist, Datasha Mayo’s passion is to help new and aspiring women and entrepreneurs to launch thriving businesses. “God has given me the gift of execution and I’m passionate about sharing that gift with people who are launching or reinventing their businesses. Datosha, affectionately known as Coach or Tosha, is a woman of God, mother of two amazing young men – business execution strategist, avid fitness enthusiast, and personal trainer.