The Telenovela Method: How to Learn Spanish Online Using Spanish TV, Music, Movies, Comics, Books, and More

by Andrew Tracey

Learn how to teach yourself Spanish online for free and have tons of fun while you're at it by using Spanish-language media that YOU get to pick (TV shows, songs, movies, books, etc.)


Plus, you ensure that you're learning modern everyday Spanish as it's spoken by native speakers by learning Spanish from popular contemporary media intended FOR native speakers!

This book is an entire guide for learning Spanish using free online resources combined with popular media (movies, songs, books, TV shows, etc.)--the Telenovela Method itself is just part of that book. I'll not only teach you the general method but I'll also show you how to adapt it to specific media sources such as movies, TV shows, books, comics, and more (note in the Table of Contents for it below that each media source gets its own chapter) as well as how to then immediately take what you just learned and utilize it in the single most effective language-learning technique known: actually using it to communicate with native speakers. Not only that but I'll give you an enormous amount of free online resources and teach you precisely how to use them.

Included are over 400 links to online resources, almost all of which are free, as well as over 7 hours of instructional video that I did exclusively for the book which are also linked to from within (yes, this book includes over 7 hours of videos as well).

You do not need to pay for a course, class, tutor, or insanely overpriced computer program. You need this book and and you need internet access (obviously you already have that), that's it.

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