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Tiaras, books, and sweet spankings.

When a scary-looking Russian shows up to threaten me for protection money, then smacks my bottom until it's pink, and calls me his printsessa, demanding I obey Daddy - what’s a girl to do?

I hide.

But he not only finds me, he takes over my whole damn life, and I find I welcome it every step of the way. With my insides set ablaze by Daddy’s touch, I’m not sure what I want anymore. Misha Mikhailov won’t stay in the US forever, and I’m not leaving my home and my heritage.

‘Dorogaya’, he told me, ‘lies carry consequences.’

And I’m a liar.

I lied about not needing Daddy.

I’m Carrie Ellerbrock - tiara-wearing, self-professed booknerd, proud owner of the Sugar Princess Bookstore -  and I’m ready for my punishment.

Initially published in the USA TODAY Bestselling Dirty Daddies Anthology 2020.
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