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The Sceptic's guide to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain

It's like "Cryptocurrencies for dummies," but it doesn't insult your intelligence!

This book is for everyone who has looked in terror as the price of Bitcoin (& other digital currencies) continually rises and was tempted to buy in even though s/he doesn't understand it. What's it behind it all? How did it start?

Will the blockchain really transform everything? Is any of the thousands of cryptocurrencies and ICOs worth investing in? What's the worst that could happen? What are ICOs and tokens anyways, how much are they worth, and how to pick some for investing from the ever-increasing supply of dodgy projects and suspicious promises?

The chapters in this booklet are named:

Introduction - why am I writing this and who the f*uck am I anyway?
What's this "blockchain" thingy?
From blockchains to cryptocurrencies - or WTF do you do if you want to create an altcoin?
So what's a "token"? It's still money, right?
I heard I need a wallet. Is the one Grandma gave me for Christmas ok?
Who the f*ck decides how much any of this is worth?
No, really, why is my coin which I've bought for $100 yesterday worth about $3.50 today?
So, what else can these coins do, and how much smarts is there in smart contracts?
The Zen of DAO: if a critical security bug meets an immutable blockchain, who will prevail?
Exactly how dirty do I need to get to mine digital gold?
I tried to pay for my coffee with Bitcoin and it's getting cold - how much longer do I need to wait?
Ok, forget the coffee, I'll use it to buy something more expensive. You know a place where I can buy some nose powder?
Right. Let's cut the crap. How do I get rich from all this crypto-mumble-jumble thingamajigs?
Oh to hell with this, I don't have the time to read! Just tell me where to invest already!
Post scriptum

... and from those you can see what the aim of this booklet is.

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