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Thalita Plaster SLWC - Chapter 02 Enjoy the City- 46 min

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Thalita Plaster SLWC  - Chapter 2 - 1080p high resolution - 46 min 

On her second day, Thalita already wakes up in her bed. She feels less pain in her broken foot. She tries to walk only with a single crutch. She enters into the bathroom where she will get ready for her second adventure.
Before, of course, you'll enjoy her entire suite, its beautiful view over a nice and modern bridge.
She canges her clothes, has breakfast in order to enjoy a beautiful day out.
She finds a beautiful square and start enjoying her plaster clast. Caressing and attracting attention with her walk.
After this tour it's time to go to do some shopping in a very busy mall that has many stairs and she goes to the outdoor parking.
Finally she goes back to the hotel where she walks around the outside and goes back to her suite.

The video contains scenes from:

- Indoor scenes inside the hotel room
- Walking on crutches with my big cast
- Change tight clothing
- Close-ups
- Beautiful toes
- Massages my leg and my cast
- Soles
- Feet
- Videos in bed
- High heels
- Descending and climbing stairs with crutches and sensual jumps
- Going to the hotel's hall
- Going public and moving in the city
- Public foot and plaster massage scenes
You will get a MP4 (3GB) file
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