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17-story Bundle - Order of the Dragon World

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Unleash the Magic!

Limited Time Urban Fantasy Book Bundle

🔮 Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the hidden realms of urban fantasy, where magic, destiny, and found family collide in a spellbinding adventure like no other!

📚 Dive into a world where the chosen ones rise, secrets unravel, and fated mates find each other amidst the chaos. This exclusive 17-story bundle brings you the very best of urban fantasy, all in one captivating collection!

The dragon's blood that saved her had one little unforeseen consequence...

…it turned her into a vampire.

Leslie always wanted to be number one at something, and the Readers' Cruise was her chance to make a big splash into the romance writing world.

Until she fell into the Atlantic Ocean.

With her life hanging in the balance, it would take a miracle to save her from death's icy grip.

That miracle is Alistair McLeod, a handsome dragon-shifter, who shouldn't exist.

But now she's counted among the living dead.

Marked and hungry, Leslie awakens as an unwilling vampire and new member of the Order—the supernatural security force for a secret society of the shadow world.

Danger, intrigue, and murder are her new reality. And when women end up drained, their bodies mangled by a vampire's bite, Leslie is the Order's top suspect.

These murders threaten everything the Order stands for, which means the Order now threatens her.

To save her life, Leslie must now embrace her magical destiny— or fall victim to a deadly menace.

This Bundle includes the following stories:

  • Zero Hour (Urban Fantasy)
  • Once Bitten (Urban Fantasy)
  • Twice as High (Urban Fantasy)
  • Three Little Words (Urban Fantasy)
  • A Half-cocked Vampire (Urban Fantasy)
  • Four Times the Fight (Urban Fantasy)
  • A Vampire Gives No Quarter (Urban Fantasy)
  • Bite Me (Urban Fantasy with romantic elements)
  • A Vampire's Blessing (Urban Fantasy)
  • Make Me Howl (paranormal romance)
  • Charming Like A Wolf (Paranormal romance)


  • Haunted House
  • Halloween Boo
  • Zero Hour: Rose
  • Her Highlander Dragon
  • Pink and Vampire Pretty
  • Frosting Party: At the Wolf's Den

What's Included?

🧙‍♀️ Found Family: Join our heroes and heroines as they build bonds stronger than blood, forging a found family that will stop at nothing to protect one another.

✨ Magic: Immerse yourself in a world where magic is real, and the possibilities are endless. Prepare to be spellbound!

👑 Chosen One: Follow the chosen ones, destined to save the world from darkness, as they navigate their extraordinary path.

🕵️ Secret Paranormal Organization: Uncover the secrets of a hidden paranormal society, where danger lurks in the shadows.

💑 Fated Mates: Witness the undeniable pull of fated mates, as love defies all odds in the face of danger with slow-burn buildup between Leslie and her fated mate, Alistair.

Is this series Clean/ Sweet Urban Fantasy?

Absolutely not! This series contains adult language and adult situations. Two books specifically, which are Make Me Howl and Charming Like A Wolf (both from the Wolf Den series) are steamy in nature with on-the-page steamy scenes. 

Which genres are included in the Order of the Dragon World?

The Order of the Dragon is a contemporary urban fantasy series that is set in New York City (and surrounding areas). Though the main series contains strong romantic elements, it is not an Urban Fantasy romance. However, the books from The Wolf's Den (Make Me Howl and Charming Like A Wolf) are paranormal romances.

What is the Order of the Dragon World?

The Order of the Dragon World is currently divided into 3 different series: The Order of the Dragon, The Order of the Dragon Side Quests, and The Wolf's Den.

The Order of the Dragon kicks off with Zero Hour, which sets up the stakes and the series concludes (currently) with Fout Times the FIght. The Side Quest series--A Vampire Gives No Quarter, Bite Me, and A Vampire's Blessing-- are filled with actual side quests that fill in more about the world and the characters we love. Lastly, the Wolf's Den highlights some of the handsome shifters in the world as they discover their fated mates in this paranormal world.

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