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One space station. Two estranged best friends. Can romance blossom in space?

For Captain Jason Tyler, life is good. As one of the best pilots in the fleet, he is selected to run daily transport shuttles to the moon. His charismatic personality and mesmerizing smile charm everyone around him. Except for the one person who matters the most.

Doctor Anika Verde is excited to be named chief medical technician on the new space station orbiting the moon. Being six hours away from the nearest hospital gives frontier medicine a new meaning. Unfortunately, she's going to need some help.

Once upon a time, Anika and Tyler were inseparable. Now, she can't stand to be in the same room as him and he has no idea why.

Missing medical supplies, construction accidents, and deadly viruses force these former friends to work together. With such a tangled history, Anika and Tyler must determine whether they can put aside their differences or remain forever mooncrossed.