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Adjusting to a New Life

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Melinda knew adjusting to high school would be difficult. But will she flunk out before she even has a chance?

Two hours away from home, Melinda quickly learns that her new boarding school is much more challenging than her public middle school. Her new friends and teacher must become her family. But Melinda never expected the assignments to be this difficult. How will she have time to make new friends if she's constantly studying?

And then there's the boys. For the first time in her life, boys are interested in her as more than a friend. But, will she even have a chance to have a relationship? Or will the coursework become so overwhelming that she will fail out before she has the chance?

When an old friend re-enters her life, Melinda must learn how to balance school with her social life if she wants to succeed at Hartfield.

When you finish reading Melinda's story, flip the book over to read Pat's story.

Patrick McGregor is one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood. But sometimes, he just wants to be a normal sixteen-year-old.

Pat thought missing the beginning of the school year to film a new movie on location in Hawaii sounded ideal. But, for the first time in his life, his family isn't around to keep him company. A demanding film schedule and lackadaisical tutor don't help combat the homesickness.

When a family member falls ill, Pat must examine the true meaning of family.

Imperfect Edition - Cover printed poorly

The printer had some trouble with aligning the cover. Although the interior material is the same, the cover is skewed. These books are at 25% off.

Imperfect Edition - different ISBN

I had to run several test books before I could find someone willing to print and distribute this book. Instead of paying for many different ISBNs, I allowed the distributors to assign random ISBNs to the test copies. These test copies may have been printed with skewed covers (see mistake #1). The interior ISBN may not match the printed ISBN and/or the ISBN on record. These books are 25% off.