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Omega's Reign Special Edition Paperback

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Don’t ever bow. Don’t break. Don’t take crap from alphas. Omegas deserve more.

No omega has ever ruled a territory...until me.

Born an omega princess, I thought my life would end like my mother’s—at the hands of a ruthless, brutal alpha like my father. Except my brothers ensured it didn’t. I spent years training to protect myself, following the mantra instilled in me—alphas are nothing without their omega.

A power shift among the leaders of the Pack Regimes lands me in an unexpected position to rebuild and rule a territory. I must rise and overcome the challenges omegas face in our world and put some hot-headed alphas in their new places.

But first, I need to figure out my love life. Because omegas need alphas too, and the constant threats aimed at me prove difficult for the pack my heart craves. What’s worse? My past comes back to destroy me. If that happens, every omega in my territory faces a grave fate. I’ll lose everything.

Get ready to rule with a free-spirited omega and sweet alphas and betas in this non-shifting contemporary omegaverse! Please read the author’s note for content warnings.