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Crazy Birds Clubhouse: Bubbles & Alfalfa: Episodes 1 to 10

Crazy Birds Clubhouse presents the the wacky adventures of Bubbles, a wise-cracking canary and his equally witty and sarcastic sidekick, Alfalfa the gerbil.

You will receive a copy via email of their new eBook featuring the first 10 episodes of their adventures in 19 fun-filled pages.

Suitable for non-grown-ups, grown-ups, nearly grown-ups and never grown-ups.

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EXCERPT from Episode 1 - The Canary & The Swing

Bubbles the canary lived in Larry’s Pet Shop.  As he was swinging back and forth one day on the wobbly little swing that Larry had put into his cage the week before, he thought.  ‘Man, I’m bored.  Bored. Bored. BORED!  And Larry hasn’t changed my darn newspaper in over a week.  I have nothing new to read!’


Larry’s mother, Ethel, had forced him to set up the swing.  She had nagged him, even threatening to hit him over the head with her old red umbrella with the holes and squawked, “Just get him a darn swing!! How would you like me to stick YOU in that cage without anything to do?!!”

 Larry thought she sounded just like a crazy bird and he did not want to be squashed into a canary cage.  Who would?  And he had believed that his mother might just try to do it.


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