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Pride Accessories: Pride Base 2022

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The pride accessories assets for my 2022 pride flag base!

Note: This download includes the pride accessories only (flags, pins, and paint). For the actual base line art, check browse my Payhip!

Full terms of use is included with this download. Please read it before using this base!

  • You are permitted to edit the line art and "Frankenstein" my bases together to better match your character as long as you give proper credit to me as the original creator
  • You may add your own flags with exceptions. Any flags pertaining to dangerous or harmful ideologies (MAP pride, zoo pride, Blue Lives Matter, Nazi ideologies, etc.) are not allowed.
  • You are not permitted to profit or gain from these bases. This means no:
    • Adoptables (for real or virtual currencies)
    • Base fill commissions (for real or virtual currencies)
    • Using these bases for trades
  • Do not redistribute these files. If anyone inquires on where to get them, link them to this website
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